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Who Do You Need to Forgive in Order to Fully Let Go?

Who do you need to forgive in order to fully let go and reclaim your power?

We all have a background, a story an event or a person in our lives, in the past mostly that has negatively impacted us in one or more ways. It's usually that person or event that caused a traumatic circumstance in our lives and that has negatively impacted us. This can affect us on so many levels without even sometimes realizing it! Trauma is something we need to heal from on every level of our being. Mostly though, we tend to grieve and then sweep! So we get emotional, we leave the situation or person and then we grieve. More often then not we get angry.....angry at the situation, the perpetrator or even ourselves for putting up with it! Most of the time we then sweep it under the rug without processing the anger and resentment how it affected us on every level and in every cell of our being. When this happens we hold on to that un-healing, even subconsciously. We start to believe that perhaps we asked for the behavior, we provoked it or even don't deserve any better. In most cases we have to tell ourselves and believe that we didn't deserve any of it! We didn't ask to be spoken to, treated or loved in that way. It's when we hold on to these emotions of anger, resentment or even that victim mentality that without realizing it we sabotage our own future selves.

Our stories create our biology. Fear, stress, anger, when chronically felt and experienced, increases depression and influences our overall well-being. Your thoughts create your life. They set the ambience for what you experience. What you put out comes back to you.

We can transform these thoughts and old wounds in 3 steps:

Step 1/ Be honest with yourself and others about what you truly want.

Step 2/ Forgive Who do you need to forgive to liberate yourself from that pain? Forgiveness is the key to liberation from being a victim. It doesn't make the other person right, It doesn't condone their behavior, but it puts you back in control of your thoughts and feelings. It frees you from the imprisonment of that pain. This is a choice.

Step 3/ Gratitude When you have an attitude of gratitude, your life is already abundant. Focus on what you have not what you lack. When you focus on what you do have , and love what is currently in your life, you open yourself up to have more of what you love.

Sometimes we need to forgive somebody else and sometimes we need to just forgive ourselves. In forgiving them or ourselves, we release the power that they or a situation has had over us and transfer that power to ourselves in a positive way. When we let go of that, our lives take on a different narrative. Instead of telling the story, XYZ happened to me and I'm not living my true authentic self because of it, through addiction, weight gain, depression, etc.., we take on a victimized approach to our daily lives and relinquish all power to that perpetrator or event. Let's take that power back and light the fire within us, forgive that person or ourselves, let go of the pain, and have our new narrative be.. XYZ happened to me, but it didn't define me, it made me stronger, more self aware, living life in alignment with my beliefs, and nothing or nobody can take that away from me!! Nothing or nobody can stop me!! Be empowered and in charge of you life!

Which narrative do you tell yourself?

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