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One of the number one things that my clients are booking sessions and programs for is their current situation in all things, such as career, relationships and in general with the limitations that Covid19 has put on the entire world. It's something that is completely out of our control so the feeling of not being in control of our lives is completely valid and understandable.

In saying that, there are things we can put in place so that we are constantly working on ourselves, so that when things start to open up again, we will be ready to conquer the world.

Our lives are a constant state of learning, we should never stop the education even though we may think we have it all figured out! Enroll into online learning facilities to spark a different career, or enrich the career that has been put on hold, take on a new language to enrich your personal knowledge, or any online classes to learn anything from flower arranging to knitting.

Always make sure you are making daily decisions based on your own personal goals, and not living based on what everyone else expects of you. Connect to that inner child that wanted those aspirations and dreams, that as a child we refuse to believe are impossible.

In suggesting these ideas, I also like to offer the 8 principles to live by when feeling a little lost, fragile or broken:

  1. Remember that cracks allow the light to come in! Sometimes being broken from time to time allows us to be vulnerable, let the light come in and go through a transformation. If we were always experiencing positive, uplifting situations, we would have no room to grow and no life experience the would challenge us to become more resilient, powerful people. Many parts of ourselves open up when we feel broken. Learn from this time!

  2. Remember to accept and honor your feelings, don't fight them Our feelings are a sign or rather a way of showing us something is not in alignment with our soul and our purpose. Don't judge yourself in any aspect of your life, always treat your actions and feelings with curiosity, as they are a sign that maybe you are not recognizing or letting come to the surface. Walk bravely into the place within you that is harboring these emotions so that you can begin to process and work through them.

  3. Keep remembering your Why! During tough times we tend to ignore what we wanted from life in the first place. Keep your why in mind and reflect on how the negative situations you've encountered allow you to have a more well-rounded perspective and better serve your purpose here on Earth. If we stay connected to the goals that align us with our true spiritual purpose then we will never disappoint ourselves.

  4. Remember everything that exists beyond your brokenness. Always keep your energy and your frequency on a positive level. If you can start every day as you wake up with 3 positive affirmations, it can be as simple as being grateful for the pillow you slept on. If we keep our energies grateful and positive the world doesn't seem so terrible all the time.

  5. Remember to reach out to your support system. Family and friends are a great sense of support through rough times. Always make sure you are talking about your feelings and voicing your concerns, as even just talking about it lightens the load. This is where life coaches can come in and also be a great support system! :)

  6. Remember to focus on the things that bring you joy. Stop focusing on the things that give you despair, but rather on the things that give you joy. Take a walk in the sunshine, in nature, plant some flowers, ride a bike, or anything on this earth that makes you light up!

  7. Don't identify so much with your feelings. We don't own our feelings, they just come and go whenever they please. They don't knock and ask permission to come in! So don't identify with your feelings, they are temporary emotions. don't let them control you!

  8. Remember that this thing called life is a wave of ups and downs...everything is temporary. It is really useful to imagine every part of your self in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. Feel, breathe and see your future you, living the life, having the relationship or career you envision for yourself. Focus on the future you! If you do this consistently, that future you will come into existence before you know it! You will thank this present time in that future you, for all it has taught you and shaped you into the person you are!

"What you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you create."

-Daniella Murray | Life, Health & Wellness Coach (2021).

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Love your first blog post! Can you talk about relationships with yourself and how it affects losing sight of your goals due to distractions etc in your next blog post? I think that would help a lot of people! Thanks! 💋

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